ileap Foundation

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ileap Foundation, established in 2013 by ileap is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on initiatives around healthcare, community welfare and education. This foundation is ileap’s conscious effort to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities towards the society.

ileap Foundation started its journey by providing medical treatment to the needy, especially in the field of pediatric oncology. India currently has the highest cancer rate in the world. Even though this disease is considered highly curable in kids, many children are deprived of essential treatment due to inadequate medical facilities and lack of funds. ileap Foundation has embarked on a mission to help such kids and provide support for pediatric oncology in India.

ileap Foundation works with the mission to improve health and well-being of those it is serving. The objective is to transform the world one step at a time through effective healthcare, quality education and long-lasting community welfare.

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