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ileap (Integrated Learning Enrichment Achievement Program) is a comprehensive after-school curriculum meant for a child’s all-round development. The core purpose of this program is to break the notion that education begins and ends at school. ileap focuses on helping children assess their strengths, capabilities and weaknesses. This curriculum has been formulated to enhance learning and creativity in children.

The education module of ileap has been developed to make knowledge acquisition an enriching experience for students. Fun-based activities and teaching methods are used for enhancing their academic achievements and supporting their social development so that they establish caring relationships with adults and peers.

ileap includes a unique myriad of key components that entice learning and also serve as a critical aspect in a child’s holistic development. By engaging the students in physical, social and academic activities, this after-school curriculum aims to ensure improved behavior in kids, enhancing their self-confidence.

ileap works on the core purpose of ‘Borderless Education’ that flows through different subjects without the prospect of division. This allows education to evolve and weave through the process of learning, making it integral and complete.

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To develop an engaging educational environment that encourages children to progress into conscious, creative, responsible individuals and contributors to the community. To support learning, provide mentoring and ensure psycho-social development of the kids.


Our primary approach is to offer safe and structured activities in age-appropriate environments where children are encouraged to learn, play, explore and discover. The program focuses on enhancing skills ranging from math and dancing to reading and art and implementing techniques that stimulate learning capabilities in children.

ileap is dedicated towards complimenting what children learn in school and developing them into responsible adults through a mix of general enrichment and academically focused activities. With ileap, our aim is to help each child realize his or her hidden potential that appears enveloped even after attending school. Only the most innovative, universal approach to education is utilized to make learning an attractive experience for the kids.

Aspects of play such as exploration, games, projects or presentations are used for integrating the age-appropriate concepts in children. By providing them with activities that correspond with their development needs and abilities, learning occurs easily and naturally.

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