Impression Management

Age group: 8 years and above

Personality development and Grooming

Grooming and personality development is very important to help children achieve success in this fast paced world. Every parent wants their child to be wise, intelligent and confident. In order to make this possible, ileap's Impression Management program weaves together various elements to form an engaging, interactive and hands on opportunity for a kid's personality development.

First part of the program focuses on visual poise, personal confidence, cultural and social etiquette, world dining and hosting. The second part weaves together topics such as, Personal Pride, Respect, Affect of the Optimistic and Pessimistic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal intelligence, IQ and EQ and Leadership Skills to instill the concept of global citizenship in children. The sessions take students beyond Flag, Food and Festival and provide a wider perspective to becoming positive, aware and confident global citizens.

Our Impression Management sessions include games, audio visual aids, role-play, story sessions, puppet shows, situational analysis, anecdotes and success stories from around the world.