Extended Language Program

Age group: 8 Years and above

The Extended Language Program (ELP) is designed keeping in mind the need for an intensive English language course. The program incorporates all the important aspects of language development, namely creative writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary expansion and fluency in spoken language.

The foundation of any language is grammar. In order to achieve this, the program includes regular, rigorous grammar sessions. Creative writing is the ability of the child to put their thoughts on paper. The program introduces various writing formats and genres and helps students write well-crafted essays and stories.

The ability to comprehend what is being read is also important in the process of learning a language. With the help of this program, children begin with simple direct comprehensions and gradually advance to inferential comprehensions where they are required to exhibit an understanding of the written material, analyze the information and give a suitable response.

An extensive vocabulary is the backbone of any written or verbal material that the child creates. Creative and fun vocabulary building exercises are an integral part of the ELP. The ELP is a comprehensive, all around program for English language development, which encompasses all aspects of imparting high level language skills, fused into one expertly designed course.