Learning Enrichment

Age group: 6 Years and above

"Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages at different times."


It is very important to support a child's academic development and achievement. This is possible only when the academic potential of that student is recognized and his/her strengths are nurtured.

Language difficulty is a common cause for a student's academic struggles. Weak language skills impede comprehension and communication which form the basis for most of the school activities. Through our learning enrichment program, we wish to develop essential thinking skills of students by delivering engaging experiences.

The course content identifies the individual needs of a student and adjusts curriculum and instruction. An effective individualized program [IEP] has been developed for academic success. It is also effective for the development of positive social and emotional environments at home and in the school. Specialized, explicit, structured and multisensory-guided practice aims at remediating the specific areas.