Sensory Learning

Sensory exploration is very important for the overall personality development of kids. They should be given opportunities to stimulate their sense of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. ileap’s Sensory Learning program encourages students to employ their senses and engage in learning at multiple levels.

It facilitates exploration and encourages children to learn while playing, creating, exploring and investigating. The program also helps them gather information about tasks or study topics and link that information with any prior learning or experience.

Sensory Learning encourages students to learn through more than one sense, making it possible for them to develop emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially. We have designed various activities to provide meaningful avenues for learning. Hands-on experience with materials is the best way of helping them learn and therefore we give them sensory experiences necessary for their development.

Sensory play promotes awareness, mathematical thinking, scientific exploration, discovery, fine motor development, eye hand co-ordination and vocabulary in early years. It also helps promote exploration, discovery, observation and vocabulary for students in primary and middle years.