Skill Development Program

Age group: 2-14 Years

ileap’s skill development modules develop a variety of skills, ranging from cognitive, language, general awareness, sensory and creative writing. These skills are then integrated with various concepts and activities.

Students from early and primary years are introduced to several concepts/topics including, plants, animals, the solar system, fables, travelling around the world, rocks, magnets and nature through microscope, environment and much more. As students progress to middle school, they are taught to perceive the world and increase their consciousness of real life situations, policy shifts, current affairs and financial literacy.

Students are introduced to the concept of global citizenship. Through the current affairs module, students are enabled to gain perspective on current international, national and local events. We also encourage them to debate and formulate solutions to overcome these issues. This stage also focuses on personality and impression management, helping students to understand the prominence of first impressions.

Language is the foundation for learning. The early year program focuses on reading, comprehension and vocabulary whereas primary and middle school enhances grammar, inferential comprehension, vocabulary and creative writing skills. Students make use of planning and composing stages to process their writing. At all levels, fluency and precision in language is encouraged – both written and spoken.

Discussions are initiated for each concept so that the children can express their thoughts and ideas. The assignments further help them to conceptualize events and organize structure, fulfilling our aim of ‘Borderless Education’.