IMO - Math Olympiad

Siddh Chand - Gold

IEO - English Olympiad

Ayaraj Baliga - Gold

Arya Banjara - Gold

Pratham Kelkar - Gold

Ansh Jatakia - Gold

Vedika Bhojwani - Gold

Janya Chadda - Bronze

Dream Children Art Academy (Vijayawada)

Hemansi Agarwal - Gold

Jyoti Varma - Gold

Eva Shirke - Gold

Vedika Bhojwani - Gold

Aranya Choksi - Silver


Ananya Turakhia - Gold

Kshitij 11th International

Saumyaa Singhania - Gold

Kshitij 12th International

Jyoti Varma - Gold

Sysha Pal - Silver

Vishwakala Darshini

Anoushka Dixit - Gold


My invention... a new kind of sandwich....

Brrrrrring! Brrrrrring! The sound of the school bell was greeted with excited chatter and jubilation as throngs of children left their classroom to celebrate the advent of their summer vacations. Sandy and her friend Amy collected their books from the locker and headed down the corridor joining the children filtering out of school. “I'm really looking forward to the holidays, “said Amy. “Not me!" exclaimed Sandy. “It's our Annual Family Get together, "she said scowling." Count your blessings, “said Amy “I rarely get to see my cousins. “Sandy moped at the thought of meeting all her cousins, these family vacations usually ended in a catastrophe and she was especially not thrilled at the thought of meeting Cindy her fashionista cousin who couldn't think beyond clothes & shoes. What a nightmare! This year the family was meeting in Germany and the only silver lining was that Sandy was looking forward to hiking and trekking in the German countryside. No sooner had she reached Germany that Sandy packed her bag with the bare essentials like her survival kit, a torch, a water proof tent and some basic food like biscuits and energy bars. She was all set for her trek. Sandy stopped dead in her tracks because waiting in front of her was Cindy! She looked packed to go on a trek. Her mother had coerced her into getting some fresh air and exercise. Cindy was carrying a pink bag, a pink towel, a silk bathrobe (Pink again!) a teddy bear with a ribbon round its neck (guess which colour?) Her only source of nourishment was non-fat soya latte powder sachets (Organic …of course!) They trudged up a hill, by the time they reached the peak it was raining. Frogs croaked as the girls walked upwards. “Are we there yet?'' Cindy moaned. She had perfectly manicured nails and a blonde bob. “Patience Cindy. We have just left, “ said Sandy with disdain. She had flaming red hair and muddy tennis shoes. “But Sandy, I've got a cramp!". Sandy groaned She'd being disgusted with her cousin since ……… well forever! Sandy was a Tomboy and Cindy was a “Girly- Girl. This caused arguments. In fact they were so busy arguing they didn't see where they going. When Sandy turned her back on Cindy, She realized that they were standing at the mouth of a cave! Cindy said “Oh My goodness! ‘'. Sandy simply started to climb over some boulders and tree roots and beckoned Cindy to join her. As they admired the cave Sandy heard a rumbling noise above them. “Landslide!" She yelled and pulled Cindy into the cave. Sandy put on her torch and looked around in awe, there were huge shelves filled with books and more books! “These look like some of Shakespeare lost manuscripts, “said Sandy mesmerized. While Sandy stared at the books transfixed Cindy walked towards a faint glow she could see at the other end. As she approached it she could decipher the words EXIT, she saw the faint outline of a door and pushed it open. After few seconds of bewilderment she burst out laughing as she realized where she was. A vexed Sandy followed her cousin’s lead and joined in the laughter as she realized they were in an abandoned amusement park aptly named “Shakespeare's Lair. “The cousins couldn't contain their amusement as they realized that the cave with the precious manuscripts they had seen were just part of the elaborate setting. They made their way to the lodge with a twinkle in their eyes and bemused looks as another Family Vacation Adventure comes to an end.

Dia Bhojwani

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Syria- A country in turmoil

Lying in a pool of blood, there lay an ocean of scarred bodies. Their faces lifeless and their eyes cold. Pieces of shrapnel surrounded them, covered in a thick layer of gunpowder residue. A picture of that description was sprawled on the front page of the newspaper, it bore the headline: More killed in Syria as war crosses preliminary threshold. Such a headline wouldn't catch a lot by surprise today. Conversely before the war, the world had a different stance towards Syria. Syria was once a beautiful country. Its azure skies were on the cover of every travel agency brochure. It was also a known for its diverse economy and vast culture. However, Syria is currently drowning in an increasingly savage and bitter war. The Syrian conflict is between its long-serving government and those opposing the regime. The Assad family has been in power since 1971. They came into power after a military coup led by Hafez al –Assad the current president, Bashar al-Assad’s, father. Contrary to popular belief, the war began with anti-regime graffiti spray-painted on the wall by teenagers. These teenagers were inspired by recent protests in Tunisia and desired to express their antagonism towards the government. Most of them were tortured and then murdered in detention. This, along with the recent events of the Arab Springs, sparked protests throughout the country. These protests quickly accelerated after the government's violent backslash, which eventually led to a full-fledged war. I think it is pretty unnerving that something as simple as graffiti could lead to over 100,000 deaths and 2 million refugees. Recent allegations of chemical weapons used by Bashar al-Assad have provoked the international community to consider intervention. However, this intervention has been vetoed down by Russia and China in the United Nations Security Council. Russia and China are both crucial allies with the Assad family. Russia is one of Syria's biggest arms suppliers. According to statistics, Russia provides Syria with 4 million dollars worth of weapons. China is the third largest importer to Syria. Most believe China is siding with the government to maintain its financial ties. As a result, an intervention has been blocked. In my opinion, the thought of broken economic ties is blinding China and Russia from the real problem. They should think of the bigger picture, which is helping the Syrians overcome this calamity. The war has also led to an alarmingly large number of refugees. The refugee crisis is poised to become the worst humanitarian disaster in this time. The UN estimates more than 2.2 million refugees in the five countries bordering Syria: Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey. It also gives an approximate of 4 million internally displaced Syrians and 7 million in need of philanthropic assistance. Syria has now been named the second largest producer of refugees after Afghanistan. 50% of these refugees are children. These children are exposed to possibly fatal epidemics in these camps with no source of medicine to aid them. They are torn from everything they know and are forced to question their impermanence and mortality everyday. I could only imagine the feeling of being ripped away from my country, my friends and my family based on a baseless war. The war has also shriveled Syria's economy down 35 %. The Syrian currency has been diminished to 1/6th of its prewar value. Consequently, quintupling the unemployment rate and costing the public sector $15 million in destruction and damages to public buildings. Which brings to light that it will be all the more difficult to rebuild a nation on the basis of a shrunken economy. Needless to say Syria would never be the same again. However, there are possible solutions to the crisis. A re-election could be held without Assad in the running, this could give the citizens a chance to vote for their choice of a leader, eventually pleasing majority of the country. There could also be weapon-importing ban in Syria. Thus forcing people to work within their means and solve the conflict without arms or violence, which would reduce the number of deaths by a substantial amount. In conclusion, although an unstable government in Syria's future is inevitable, movements could be made to quell further deaths and violence. Donations and basic aid could be given to refugee camps as well. We should all pray for the suppression of this devastating crisis and the Syrian refugees.

Vedika Kanchan

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When I was scared...

The day I turned 7 years old, I thought I have become a grown up. Soon, I started lighting firecrackers on my own. I had already started lighting zamin chakris on my own. Once, I even burnt my whole foot! But, that's not all; I have much more interesting for you. I was really scared when I went to see a horror movie. A new horror movie had released. I wanted to watch it desperately, so I asked my parents and they readily agreed. But, they gave me a warning that it would be very scary as it is in 3D. As the movie started, I wasn't scared a bit. But as the movie started, I got more and more frightened. In the movie, there was a black castle from which bright lights were coming. I soon realized that the castle was haunted. When it would be a night scene in the movie, you could hear spooky sounds. It was really eerie. In that movie, there was one ghost. It had 24 hands! Let me tell you more about him. He had 12 legs and 5 faces. Seeing this, I got really petrified. I immediately closed my eyes very tight. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw another man with eyes just below his sockets. Seeing this, I got a chill in my spine. After that, it was interval. I heaved a sigh of relief. I told my mother that I wanted to go home. Soon, I was in my house reading a book on science. It was around 11:00 pm and I was alone in my room. In no time, I started feeling sleepy. Just as I closed my eyes, I heard someone knocking on the door. The windows were banging because of the wind. For a second, I thought it was a ghost. But then I thought no, it can't be. After that mom came in and I hugged her tight. After this incident, I realized I wasn't a grown up. I am still small and happy this way.

Aaditya Choksi

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The historical figure I would like to meet...

With Christmas fast approaching, break times at school were filled with excited chatter of what students would ask Santa Claus to get them for Christmas. Most of my friends wanted materialistic things ranging from electronics to games. However, being a history freak, I wished right from the bottom of my heart to meet Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Raja Ram Mohan Roy. Wouldn't it be fun to meet two freedom fighters, working for the same cause with completely different opinions? Although I knew it was impossible my faith in Santa helped me keep the excitement alive. When the much-awaited Christmas Eve arrived, I finished singing carols and went to bed thinking of my secret Christmas wish. Knock Knock! Came a sound. I rushed to open the door. I was shocked to see the drastic change in my environment. My purple and blue coloured room had changed into a plain hut made of brick and cow dung. I opened the door and lo and behold, standing there was Raja Ram Mohan Roy. Tall with a fine black mustache, dressed in fine silken robes. I couldn't believe my eyes I pinched myself hard and exclaimed, “Are you Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the father of Modern India?” He gave me a little bow and said, “ I would like to tell you a few things about my work." He started describing himself as a religious, educational and social reformer. He did not agree with the conditions of traditional Indian customs and therefore took ideas from countries abroad to create a modern India. He was the founder of the Bramho Samaj and has translated several Vedic scriptures into English. Against superstitious practices viz: sati, child marriage etc. He then invited me to work with him. The next day my friends and I went to the bank of the Ganges to brainstorm for ideas to propagate he beliefs of the Bramho Samaj. We worked on creating posters using vegetable dyes. It was an exciting experience. Next day, at the crack of dawn we went to his mansion and discussed about the street plays based on child marriage and its ill effects. After several rehearsals we went to the market place to perform. This shed light on the disadvantages of child marriage and the audience looked quiet convinced. We performed street plays for the next five days a different locations and it seemed to be a great hit. The final performance was recorded and projected later under a huge banyan tree during a social gathering at night. Looking at all this a warm feeling of pride and happiness aroused inside me. I felt great working for a good cause. Suddenly I heard a resounding voice; it was none other than my mothers. She exclaimed “ Merry Christmas! Isa wake up don't you want to open your Christmas stocking and check out your gifts?”. I told her about all that I'd experienced and she said “ Oh! that must have been a dream, now wake up!" As soon as my mother left, I noticed something under my bed. I was a colourful poster and resembled the one I had made. I said a silent prayer Santa and rushed to finish my daily chores with a smile studded face.

Isha Mukhtyar

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The day aliens abducted me...

This Monday evening was no different from the rest, as I was walking home the road seemed longer than usual. A sudden light shone from the sky distracted me. When I looked up I noticed a spaceship. I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was true. I was taken aback at first, but as it came near I was exhilarated to see such creatures. Panicked I started walking faster, noticing that it was following me. A hand grabbed my T-shirt and dragged me into an enormous silver glass mirrored spaceship, which had many car like headlights. When I turned to look at who grabbed me, I was astounded to see an alien called um…. (I was looking a the neck) yeah! ‘MACK'. I pleaded him to leave me but he told me that he was forced to do so against his wishes. He made me explore it and told that it was impossible to escape; I assured that I would. Mack decided to tell me about the place where he came from- MARS. On hearing that I got goose bumps, he told me about his wicked King of Alienator, the place where he stayed. In no time we reached Alienator, it was completely robotic. He took me to his mind-boggling home where everything worked on the touch of a button. Soon he showed me all the tricks and pranks he played on his best friends Myra and Mexi and took me to meet them. My jaw dropped when I realized that hey were the daughters of the wicked King. As it was clear to me that they were princesses, I took advantage and entered the palace. Next morning, Mack and I raced to reach our destiny- the palace of the wicked King. The King who seemed good to me welcomed us. As the day passed I realized how wicked he was, he wanted to kick us out but I used the trick Mack showed me and the King fainted. The guards were chasing us, we ran until we reached the spaceship. Mack took me through the Milkyway galaxy to reach planet earth. The ride was exciting, he bid farewell to me and turned to rush back to Mars as I walked towards home. Just as I thought I had forgotten my way back home, I saw mom and ran to hug her. I kissed her and it felt like I haven't seen her for months (as I've never stayed without her). This was an out of the world experience. However, it taught me a lot about the life beyond earth.

Shailee Shah

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The luxury cruise to the Hawaiian island was my first trip on my own. Alas, I never thought it would begin like this. A storm had blown our ship and broken it into several pieces. I was floating on a plank and fell unconscious. When I finally opened my eyes, I was on an island mysterious and unknown. The sounds of wild animals were creepy. As I was looking around, I saw a tree I climbed and got some leaves and made a dagger to protect myself. And then I thought of exploring this island. After four hours I had made a house for myself, which I could carry too. I saw a mountain range in the distance. So I started climbing the first mountain. I saw a coat lying down and thought I should take it with me. After sometime it was getting cold, luckily I had taken the coat and I was saved from the cold. Then I saw a cave and I had entered it. There were wolves on the prowl, I could hear them howling through the night. I saw a ghostly sight; there were many dead wolves. I was trying to get out of their sight as I was getting more frightened after looking at that sight. Then I saw a box and got a dagger that looks like a key of something and got a map of that island, there was an ‘X' mark on it thought was treasure mark but then I heard a growl which scared me a lot. I ran and ran to get out of the chamber. When I entered the temple, the door shut behind me. I saw a book of a hidden city called ‘Shambala Curse of Cintamani'. One page of from the book tells us that if an ordinary man got holds of the Cintamani stone a man will become a monster. I saw a statue, which was holding the cursed stone and realized that it was looking like a monster. I understood that I should get out of his cursed cave soon. In a dark corner I saw some ropes hanging and when I pulled it there was a box that resembled an elevator on its way down. I quickly jumped on it then I saw the entrance, which had been broken by a gorilla like demon. I was lucky that I had got onto the lift in time. When I was out of that temple I had climbed down to another mountain on the ‘X' mark. However, when I got there and saw a monastery, which was quite creepy, I began looking really hard and saw a seal, which had a hole. Placing the dagger into that hole I heard some noises, the gate to Shambala was opening. Eagerly I got inside and saw a beautiful city. But when I got there I saw people looking like demons, they were shooting using crossbows. I ran until I got to a ruined area. A few people of Shambala took me to their house and told me that the demons had been created by the curse of the Cintamani stone. They were Buddhists and they told me that the stone was a wish fulfilling large blue sapphire. Unfortunately, some days ago some bad omen made it evil. They will be released from this curse only if the stone is broken. After sometime, few demons came and kidnapped me and took me to that stone it was inside the tree of life. The moment I understood that they were taking me to the stone, I took the first opportunity I had and jumped on a guard, took his crossbow to defend myself. I saved Shambala by taking help of the Buddhists and thus ended the curse of the stone. Whoa! That was a quite a voyage I had never thought that this will happen. And can't believe my luck that I had saved a secret city. But one thing that I am still confused about is whether this island is on earth or had I floated onto a mysterious world.

Dev Saxena

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Video games

BOOM! BANG! PUNCH! This is what you hear when you enter the room of an average child playing the modern, violent video games named Dead Space, Hitman, God of War, Never Dead. What frame of mind do you think these games would put an impressionable, ordinary child into……….A placid frame of mind? I don't think so! In the modern world, so much has changed. Earlier, the children used to go outdoors to play. Nowadays, all they want to do is stay in their homes and play war games on the computer for hours. The kids who play these games get desensitized to the guts and gore of the game and become more prone to the aggressive behavior. Experimental studies have proved that violent video games cause young adults and children to behave more aggressively than before. An experiment was conducted in which participants played a violent or nonviolent game for 20 minutes. Within each group, half ruminated about the game. The next day, participants competed with an ostensible opponent on a competitive task in which the winner could punish the loser with painful noise blasts through headphones. Results showed that violent videos games increased aggression 24 hours later, but only among men who ruminated about the game. This proves that rumination or excessively thinking about the game keeps aggressive thoughts, feelings, and aggressive behavioral tendencies active. In a nutshell it has been proved that playing and thinking deeply about aggressive video games can change your frame of mind, making you aggressive. We can't stop a child from playing can we? I don't think so however we can moderate the playing time of aggressive video games in a child's life and instead enrich his life with other positive recreation like reading, outdoor games, sports, swimming and so on.

Sanjana Dang

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I wonder why...

I am very curious to know about different things in the world. When I read books, I get more knowledge about animals and birds – how they eat and sleep. Even about the plants and the places in the whole world. I get to learn more and more about the languages people speak, about their costumes and capitals, flags and monuments of different countries. I wonder why grass is green? May be because there is some chemical in the mud or in the ground. May be because it needs to be green or may be the world would look funny if it is pink or blue in colour. If it would be brown in colour, then it would look very bad and dirty. Dull colour will make the earth look sad. If trees are green and grass is pink, just imagine how will it look...? I wonder why there are so many stars in the sky and I wonder, why and where, they disappear in the daylight. Imagine, if the sky is completely black; it would look very sad. If there will be no stars, it would look very very dull. The sky will not look as good as it looks now. Maybe, because there are so many stars, our wishes get converted.....

Akshat Kala

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A trip to moon

It was a wonderful feeling to see earth from that distance. There was a project from school on moon. Miss Astha told me to make a model on moon. Listening about the project, I felt it was very difficult. I went to Miss Astha and asked, “How do I make the model?" Miss Astha explained it well to me. I was very thrilled to make the model. After having my dinner, I rushed to my room and I started to read a book on space and moon. Soon, I fell off to sleep and stepped into a dream world. I packed my bag and I kept a paper and pencil to draw the moon, the planets and the space, a secret book to write about the space for my project. I kept my Barbie too. I would play with my Barbie if I would get bored. I may feel hungry, so I would eat my Oreo biscuits. I kept them in my bag. I kept some storybooks and my camera too. I sat in my spaceship and vrooooommmm... My spaceship went in the space on the way to the moon. I sat down after a while in my spaceship and observed that a spaceship was very different than a plane or a car. After the long journey, I reached the moon. I came out of the spaceship. As I stepped on the moon, do you know I found myself floating in the air, as there is no gravity on the moon. My stomach was grumbling because of hunger. I wanted to have my Oreo biscuits. I wanted to draw, but could not, because everything was floating in the air. I also collected stones from the moon. I clicked pictures. I removed my Barbie from my bag and played with it. I saw the earth. It was a wonderful feeling to see earth from that distance. Ting Ting Trrrrringggg...My alarm rang. I opened my eyes and wished I could still be on the moon.

Adya Thanawala

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The Burrow

The ball flew towards me and I stretched out my hands and took two steps back trying to position myself to catch it. The sun was glaring down hard upon us and my brother and I were whiling away the hot summer afternoon, playing catch. The ball flew far behind me towards a cluster of trees. I ran towards them in search of the ball. I reached just in time to see the ball rolling into a large hole in the ground. Curious and a little uncertain, I reached into the hole, hoping to pull it out. Noticing the hole was just big enough for me to fit in, I decided to jump into it and retrieve it. It was dark and murky inside and I could not see where I was walking. All of a sudden, I saw a flash of light. My head was swimming with questions, I could not restrain myself from finding out where it had come from. Fearlessly, I went towards it, to see what it was. I could not believe what I had stumbled upon. Before me ,stood what looked like a large abandoned castle. My eyes grew wide in shock. The large stone walls before me. Green, serpentine vines crept along the grey, stonewalls. In the middle of the stonewalls stood a colossal, walnut brown door. I tried to push the door open but it was locked. Burning with desire to see what lay beyond the stone walls, I began to search desperately for the key. I had almost given up when I tripped on something. I looked down and saw something golden, gleaming up at me. It was the key! I grabbed it and ran towards the door. I put the key in the keyhole and turned it. I slowly opened it. The door revealed a long drawn out hallway. On either side, were large portraits of a handsome man with a kind face. I presumed that this was the king. I walked down the hall, the only sound being the echo of my footsteps. Large suits of armor stood aligned on either side of the hallway. Tapestry portraying the king on his horse, hung on the wall. On my left, was a large golden door embossed with pearls. I pushed it open with as much force as I could muster. Inside was what appeared to be a grand banquet hall. There was a long table across the length of the wall. I counted 16 beautifully engraved chairs. Anxious to explore the rest of the castle, I made my way towards another door. Behind it, was a vast elaborately decorated room. Everywhere were the colors royal blue and golden. The bed was large and made of wood with golden leaves engraved into it. This must have been the King and Queen's room. All around the castle were interesting pieces of history like two marble thrones engraved with rubies and emeralds. I assumed this room must have been the courtroom. I passed another room whose doors were ajar. I wasn't going to explore it until I saw something gleaming through the gap between the doors. I knew my brother must be worrying about me and that I should go back, but I was curious. Unlike all the doors, this one was made of word with intricate carving on it. I had to blink twice to take in the shimmering mass of gold before me. This was the treasury and all the treasure was still here! As I was strolling around the room, I saw glimmering gold objects and jewelry. I was amazed to see the king and queen's crowns, a scepter and a locket lying on the floor. I examined each object carefully and took in all its beauty. I walked further into the room, when suddenly I tripped and fell. As I got up, I saw that I had tripped over a little box. I opened it and little puff of dust rose into the air. One or two little spiders came running out as well. There were many old photographs of the king and his family. I sat there taking all the history around me and imagined what this castle must have been like, years ago. I sat on the thrones and tried on the crowns. All of a sudden, I heard my brother's voice shouting my name. I got up in a hurry but before I left, I took the locket with me. I wanted to keep it as a reminder of this beautiful place. I decided to tell nobody, and as I climbed out, my brother asked me what was down there. I simple shook my head and told him there was nothing. It would be my own little secret forever.

Yoshita. L

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When I wandered off into a forest.

Two sparkling azure blue eyes peeped out at me from behind a fern tree. I looked up from my camera and saw a graceful reindeer watching me tentatively. Wanting to take a picture of this wonderful creature, I decided to cautiously move towards it. Shy and frightened, it scuffled towards the trees. I followed it for five minutes until I found myself standing in the middle of a snowy forest. The entire ground was covered with pearly white snow. All around me were towering trees. The branches were thin and bare but were frosted with little heaps of snow. All around me I could hear the dulcet tones and songs of at least five different birds. One bird in particular, caught my attention. Curious about what this bird looked like, I went in search of it. On a tiny branch a sudden movement caught my eye. There it was, a tiny little thing, shaking the snow of its feathers, revealing a beautiful periwinkle blue body. Just as I was taking its picture, the bird noticed me and I could see the shock in its eyes. It flew away before I had the chance to capture its picture. Suddenly, a creamy, delectable smell wafted through the air. Somebody was cooking something delicious nearby. When I looked to my right and noticed a little cottage standing quietly. Little puffs of smoke were emitting from a small brick chimney. Small heaps of snow rested on its roof. A gentle looking lady stepped out of the cottage with a little girl beside her. I waved at them and the lady called me towards her. She invited me to join them for some hot onion soup. I gladly accepted. After some hot soup and nice conversation, I made my way towards the stunning lake. A little patch of crystal clear water. It was surrounded by silver white trees. Opposite me, the golden sunlight was pouring through the trees, on to the water. I sat down and watched the beautiful scene before me. The snow was soft and cold. A little cerulean blue butterfly fluttered around me. I sat there for a while watching the sky turn into a pinkish gold colour. When I finally got up and made my way out of the forest, I noticed a pair of familiar blue eyes staring at me. Wasting no time, I took a picture of that beautiful reindeer. It had been a wonderful day in the forest.

Surabhi. R.Kanadam

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The technology I can't live without

Technology has evolved over the years. Man has developed and created many inventions. His invention of Internet has become revolutionary and we will not be able to survive without it today or tomorrow. Technology is very important in today's time. One aspect of technology, which we cannot live without, is the Internet. The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet Protocol suite to serve billions of users world wide. It has a huge variety of information, resources and services. The Internet has made it possible for people all over the world to communicate with each other effectively and inexpensively. Internet is a very useful research tool. It has bought many new opportunities. Internet is used in different fields like Government, business, education, etc. Governments use Internet for distributing information and automated tax processing. Newspaper books and other print publishers are starting to use website technology. One of the main features of Internet is instant messaging which has made human interaction more accurate and faster. Business and financial services on the Internet affect supply of product across many industries. Many people also use the Internet for communicating through e-mail and research information, preparing bills, shopping and also online banking. They also use the Internet to play games, download songs, apps, music and other things, and also for watching videos. Internet service provider provides Internet access to customers. It has doubled in size every 9-14 months since it began in the late 1970's. Companies’, individuals and institutions also use the Internet in different ways. Companies use the Internet for advertising, selling, buying, distributing, products, and business transactions. Institutions use the Internet for voice and video conferencing and other forms of communication. Scientists and scholars use the Internet for communication with colleagues performing research, distribution lecture notes and course materials to students and publish papers and articles. Individuals use the Internet for communication entertainment, finding information and buying and selling goods and services. Parents also use the Internet to write e-mails to teachers. The Internet allows access to various communication sites like twitter, Skype, face book, etc. This makes it easier for us to communicate to our relatives all around the world. All these are the advantages of Internet. We know that excess of anything has its drawbacks. So, naturally even Internet has its setbacks. Overuse of Internet also has its disadvantages. Many people sit on the computer surfing the Internet all day. This cuts them off from the outside world and makes them an Internet person. Also due to this over use, the children may also get to know about things that they should not know at that age. Also there are online predators. Bullies who are stopped from bullying their preys in school can bully their preys in chat rooms, on the Internet. Though Internet is an excellent and most frequently used research engine, it's invention has also given birth to cyber crimes and online predators. Cyber crimes are also a serious problems. People use the Internet to hack accounts as a joke. Internet is also used as a tool to take revenge. Children, especially teens are blackmailed online which leads them to resort to extreme actions like suicide, cutting themselves off from the world, going into depression, etc. For e.g.:- a friend of mine had taken the video of my other friend who was crying and put it on Facebook. This really embarrassed my crying friend. All these are the disadvantages of Internet, which have a really very bad and drastic effect. So whoever said this, was true that:- “Even medicine taken in excess becomes poison". According to me, Internet has its good and bad points. It is a very good research engine. Whenever I get homework, I always research it on Google first, even though it is given in the book. The project, pictures are taken from the Internet by me. It allows access to various sites, one of them, which allow me to see my favourite movies and missed episodes. I also use Internet to play free online games. Because of Internet, I could also visit my new school's official site. So, before I went there, I knew most of the things about the school. I also bought a game on the net and helped mother to set up her password for her account. Internet usage also frightens me at some points. This is because of its disadvantages. I never really feel secure again using the Internet after what happened to my friend. I cannot really live without the Net but thinking about how severe and drastic its drawbacks are, I always prevent its over usage. Before getting glasses, I guess I used to overuse the Internet because after that I got glasses. So in conclusion, we have been left contemplating as to whether the Internet is a boon or bane to mankind. It is like a double edged sword; we cannot live without it but it’s over usage and unsupervised use can be detrimental.

Shreya Singh

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media release

APR 2014

Learn without borders - Bangalore Mirror

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JUN 2012

Education Redefined - Femina

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JUN 2013

A leap of faith - The Hindu Metroplus

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AUG 2009

Alternative education pioneer

An educator who believes that primary education should be life and skills-oriented rather than purely content driven, Mumbai-based Nupoor Kanchan recently (January 2009) registered ILEAP (Integrated Learning Enrichment Achievement Programme), a first-of-its-kind learning centre for children in the age group four-12.

The mission of the ILEAP is to create an engaging, stimulating education environment in which children can become aware of the world around them. The centre’s curriculum promises “integral education” — “spiritual, emotional, mental and physical development to transform children into explorers, achievers and thinkers”.

An education graduate of Mumbai’s SNDT Women’s University with over a decade’s teaching experience in highly-reputed institutions, including Sol’s ARC, an educational and therapy centre catering to special needs children in Mumbai, and SNDT, Kanchan also has a diploma in early childhood education from Bombay University, and has been organising special workshops for cognitive development of children for the past ten years. As such, she is equipped with the knowledge and experience to manage an alternative education primary school, which claims to unite the ancient tradition of self-knowledge with the modern goal of acquiring world-knowledge.

“ILEAP offers a holistic education pedagogy to create lifelong learners, who use their mind, body and soul in the pursuit of knowledge. Our children’s curriculum is a unique blend of holistic learning, knowledge acquisition and mind enrichment. It brings joy into education by stimulating learning through discovery and enquiry,” says Kanchan.

Evidently Kanchan’s reputation as a thinking, outcomes-driven educationist precedes her, since 65-70 children are already attending classes I-VI in ILEAP’s 1,200 sq.ft. school in Juhu, Mumbai. This number is slated to rise to 150 by year end. “After class VI, children are encouraged to seek admission in a regular mainstream school. Thus far, the response has been fantastic and we are hopeful our alternative model of primary education will become more popular,” she concludes.
Neha Ghosh (Mumbai)

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JUL 2009

ILEAP: First-of-its-kind a holistic school for Mumbai's children

Posted July 9th, 2009 by manibalan.manoharan

Mumbai: ILEAP (Integrated Learning Enrichment Achievement Programme) is a first-of-its-kind learning centre for students in the age group of 4 to 12, which provides comprehensive curriculum emphasizing on “borderless education” and application of knowledge. Its mission is to create a beautiful and engaging education environment where children can become aware of the world around themselves. The ‘integral education’ programme advocates spiritual, emotional, mental and physical development making children Explorers, Achievers and Thinkers.

ILEAP unites the ancient educational goal of self-knowledge with modern goal of world-knowledge. ILEAP offers “Creativity through Drama” addressing four basic domains of learning: Psychomotor- developing perceptual and expressive skills and techniques; Cognitive- Assimilating knowledge and developing higher order thinking skills; Affective-Cultivating positive attitude toward art and the discipline; Aesthetic- Deriving pleasure from a combination of senses, emotions, intellect, philosophy, imagination and spirit.

Noopur Kanchan, Founder, ILEAP, says, “ILEAP leverages innovative holistic educational approach to create lifelong learners incorporating their mind, body and soul. It comprises a comprehensive after-school children’s curriculum that is a unique blend of key components of holistic learning, enrichment and knowledge acquisition. ILEAP is our commitment to your child’s future. It puts back joy into learning, discovery and encourages learning through enquiry.”

ILEAP has qualified and trained staffs that cater to the needs of diverse students. The low teacher-to-student ratio allows the trainers to focus on individual learning styles and needs. ILEAP teachers and staff are passionate about forming a strong partnership with parents to form the best possible experience for children. ILEAP is a year-round programme and customised as per age groups and individuals. At the end of each quarter, the child’s progress and performance is presented through evaluation reports and a display of all the activities undertaken by the young ones.

It provides a 360 degree approach encompasses different courses; art, maths, science, etc. It aims to impact the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of the child.

About Noopur Kanchan:
Noopur Kanchan, founder of ILEAP, has over a decade’s experience in the field of teaching. She is armed with a Bachelor of Education degree from S.N.D.T University, in addition to a specialized course in Early Child Caring Education Course from Bombay University.

Over the years Noopur, has embraced the teaching profession with a passion that has exposed her to various spheres. Besides teaching at regular schools, Noopur has closely worked with schools for special children and NGOs. With this, background, Noopur has acquired in-depth knowledge and hands- on experience over the last ten years.

As the founder of ILEAP, Noopur oversees the overall management, designing curriculum for different set of students and imparting training to her staff.

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