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'Cognition' defines "the way in which we make sense of our environment, and process the information around us" (Eysenck, 2009). Learning, as one would imagine, expends a great deal of cognitive effort. However, cognitive effort is not fixed and fully functionally at all times – it is subject to changing circumstances. For these reasons, it is important for teachers to create a positive, emotionally safe learning environment to provide for optimal opportunities to learn.

Learning how to manage feelings and relationships paves the way for academic growth. Today, the student experience is richer and more varied than it has ever been. Communication is both receptive and expressive. The art of communication involves listening and speaking as well as reading and writing. Teachers need to be highly skilled in all these areas to excel in their profession. Proficient communicators receive information, understand and synthesize it and express themselves at a high level. They make excellent teachers because they are able to transmit knowledge, skills and values at the same time they communicate their caring for the students entrusted to their care. They help motivate students to learn.

Teachers at ileap are skilled at listening to their students as well as explaining things clearly, have clarity of thought to present the material, are able to break down complex ideas into simpler parts and smaller steps to transmit to their students, are able to adapt their methods of communication to all students regardless of age, ability or learning style. They are able to "read" their students and adapt to the needs of the individual. In addition, teachers here communicate concern and caring by their tone of voice and use of body language. They transmit genuine commitment and affection for their students, care about their students' progress and let their students know it at all times. They learn their students' names early in the beginning of the session and use their names when addressing them. They get to know their students' hopes, fears and preferences and communicate this knowledge to their students. They communicate their appreciation for what their students do by celebrating their successes and constantly encouraging them. This helps students feel recognized and validated.

Teachers express themselves both verbally and in writing in order to report student progress to parents. They explain the strengths and weaknesses of their students so that parents will understand the message and are receptive rather than defensive. This is especially important when the teacher conveys a difficult message about the student's misbehavior or learning problems. Teachers are comfortable communicating with parents regularly, with phone calls and informal notes in addition to formal assessment, which is mailed regularly and systematically.

To sum up, the experience at I - Leap plays an important role in the development of the students’ overall personality, provides strong practical orientation to the students and helps them in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, presentations, team building, leadership, time management, group discussions and inter-personal skills. The training is conducted in a very informal, interesting, and interactive manner, which gives ample scope for the students to interact with each other and face a wide variety of issues, topics and situations. At I – Leap, skills are imparted for fine tuning the student’s attitude to learning, motives, values… and deal with different situations responsibly and diligently which makes them a good predictor of academic success. These skills empower them to understand who they are and how best they can come across as competent individuals in any given situation.

All the best …………..three cheers to the entire team of I – Leap for their commendable contribution.

Mrs. Hemani Malhotra

Assistant Professor
SVT College of Home Science

The I –Leap programme truly focuses on skill enhancement and application of concepts learnt in a fun environment. The concepts are taught by way of mutlidimensional tools including interactive tools, Internet and well prepared course material. While the concepts are learnt and tested by way of application, the programme is also customised to different learning needs of the children.

The warmth that the faculty exuberates makes children feel very welcome and provides a great learning environment. The teachers provide deep insights during regular feedback process on the child’s skill and learning which can happen only through great understanding and rapport building.

I have seen both my daughters’ blossom with I – Leap. I – Leap has become home away from home for them. The ileap Art also gives children an extraordinary opportunity to show case their talent with recognition through submission in competition. Specifically, the art exhibition with an eminent artist allowed children to interact and show cases their work.

I wish I – Leap success for the future and hope it increases its footprints. A heartfelt thank you to Noopur and all the teachers who have made a great difference with the children.

Avani Shah

My Daughter Priya has been with ileap since 3 years. I must state how happy I am to enroll her in ileap. The courses offered at ileap are very helpful for the overall development of my child.

ileap has helped Priya to enhance her various skills be it in the field of Creative Writing through “Little Masters”, Mathematics through “IPM” & Art through the Art Classes offered by the Academy.

The teachers at ileap are a very dedicated and determined in the overall development of my child and focus on making the classes fun. Priya loves the classes and looks forward to going for the classes regularly.

Thanks to Ms Noopur Kanchan, Director at ileap, who is very enthusiastic about the academy and who has designed the programs to keep children interested in the course by making it fun all along the way for children.

I must state the cleanliness of the classrooms was my major concern and I was extremely satisfied by the level of cleanliness maintained by the Academy. Another point I would like to state is that I am extremely satisfied with the care provided to the children and the security of children in the classes. The classes are like a second home to my child. Whenever I have had any query, Nupur ma'am and the ileap family have always-paid maximum attention and patiently attended to my concern and have addressed all my concerns with great satisfaction.

I sincerely thank Noopur ma'am for her support and wish her luck always.

Deepa. M. Rupani

My son , whose in the sixth grade has been attending ileap academy since 11/2 years now and I am pleased to notice remarkable changes in him not only regarding the use of English language , but also other skills like effective public speaking , confident self- presentation and independent thinking.

I am happy to see the overall grooming of my child which is very essential to instill a sense of self confidence and positivity as they prepare to step into this competitive world .What really needs to be appreciated is the fact that they are not only taught the finer nuances of English language but a lot is discussed about happenings in the local, national and international arena .This not only keeps the child informed, but also creates an awareness of the world he lives in and the ability to analyse facts. Children have seemed to take a liking to debates and powerpoint presentations which could sound as daunting tasks to many .The last but unarguably the most important point is the excellent rapport the teachers here share with their students .It completely depends on the teachers to make a child love or hate a particular subject and the credit here goes to the friendly teachers whom the children are more than happy to meet and interact with .My son in fact looks forward for his weekly class.

Thanking you and looking forward to grow with you .

Smita Kamath

ileap has been a wonderful experience for both my children. They‘ve been part of the ileap family since 3 years now. An environment, which encourages thinking, expression, analytical, reasoning all in a fun way. ileap courses offer what no other class offers. The content expands the child’s thinking ability adds to their vocabulary and introduces them to ideas which regular schooling doesn’t provide. The patient and flexible teachers cater to each child’s pace and inclination, bringing them out of their comfort zone. They encourage the child’s strengths and work on areas, which require attention.

Thanks ileap

Ratna Mody Choksi

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