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Education has changed dramatically over the years. Today, it is aimed at the intellectual growth in children and goes beyond the confines of traditional classroom teaching. It has become important to ensure a child’s all around development, making it imperative for schools to bring significant changes in their curriculum that develops all aspects of the child’s personality. ileap has been created with the aim to offer a complete and integral learning experience to the children through “Borderless Education”.

It has been proved that a child is better developed when he or she gets encouragement in different spheres including, academics, art, craft and physical training. All these activities help in sharpening focus and improving concentration in children.

ileap offers a safe and supervised atmosphere that helps in a child’s social development, well being and interaction. Our after school program and play school helps enhance confidence level in students of all ages. We also conduct summer camps and different workshops to improve their skills and develop their personality:

After School

After School Programs are based on general awareness topics, art, science, math, language and personality development. Focus is given on enhancement of skills that complement academics. We offer activity classes that are based on research and understanding of parents’ needs. ileap strives to offer enriching and innovative mediums to the kids for honing their talents.

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Play School

Our playschool focuses on promoting an environment that helps young children develop general awareness, self-control, self-esteem, emotional awareness, basic problem solving skills and social skills for academic readiness. We offer the required encouragement and support to build a child’s self confidence. Through individualized learning, we ensure personality development of children.

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We conduct various workshops that provide students with step by step strategies to improve creativity, study skills, organizational skills and time management skills. Our workshops provide an insight in current practices and perspectives on a variety of topics. They help us stay on track and help the students optimize their potential. Our sessions provide guidelines and effective tools and strategies.

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Summer Camps

A range of workshops on theatre, creative writing, art and general knowledge are conducted throughout summer months across all our centers. With interesting summer camp activities, we help the children become more confident and active and develop various skills required for their overall development.

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