About Us

why ileap

ileap has been designed with the aim to broaden the definition of learning. The program plays an important role in meeting developmental requirements of children that are critical for their academic success and general well-being. ileap focuses on developing skills in children that strengthen their mental faculties such as reasoning, logic, perception, observation and attention.

We recognize the value of positive personality development approach. Effective instructional strategies are used at ileap to develop language, sensory awareness, general awareness and creativity in kids. Concept training and creativity through language and drama is also offered. The idea is to help children enjoy the process of learning that goes beyond traditional classroom teaching.

ileap aims to establish a strong connect between the social and emotional development of kids which is also linked to their academic success. Our objective is to help them develop interpersonal skills, finer work habits and a positive attitude towards school. ileap strives to make an effort towards enhancement and improvement of opportunities for kids so that they remain focused and motivated.

Why is ileap Different?

  • Focus on skill development and not just content
  • Maintaining individual pace as opposed to the average pace of the class
  • Special focus on accurate application of theories
  • Utilization of holistic educational approaches
  • Low student to teacher ratio
  • Highly trained, qualified and motivated teachers
  • Partners with families

We believe that once the child undergoes kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning methods, learning becomes permanent and applicable. At IIeap, worksheets are used to help ascertain learning and assist children in transferring this onto paper. The idea is to evolve education as per the needs and strengths of individuals.

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